The Haitian Affair

Day 5: The Star Pools

Day 5: Monday 27th October 1926, The Star Pools, Haiti

At last we have managed to find the Star Pools! After several days of research and one failed attempt to find them we have managed to find the elusive Star Pools. We now have a real chance of finding Jack Sterling or at least of interrupting the sacrifice planned for the Fete Gede. Dr Bruce Northeast had provided us with confirmation by his own research that we were not chasing fanciful fairy tales. It is unfortunate that he did not show up to our meeting today, but we can always call on him later, now that we have found the location of the Star Pools. Not bad for four days’ work. I am a little disappointed that the solution has thus far been as ordinary as this, but tales of magic and rituals so often have little basis in fact unfortunately. However, this one could still be different, we will have to wait and see.

The clearing is quite large and there are six oval-shaped deep pools filled with cloudy green water. around them are 10 standing stones and in the centre is a stone altar. At the far end of the clearing are three huts. We should probably start our search for tracks and traces of Jack Sterling there.

Suddenly a hideous creature appears. It is scaly with leathery wings and a thin tail, very much reminding me of a dragon. It attacks us on sight. Tobias and I retreat to the trees. Jonah and Otto shoot it, Henry moves towards the cover of the huts.

Neither Otto nor Jonah’s shots seem to hurt it in any way. I am uncomfortably reminded of Madame Josephine’s words which I had previously dismissed. Have we come here too early, without the protection of the death’s head moth potion, and thus incurred this creature’s wrath. But we felt speed was essential in finding Jack Sterling before it was too late.

The Lurker slashes at Otto. It is incredibly fast, and I do not know how we will escape it. It turns on Henry next, assailing him with the tendrils on its face. Henry cries out in paid as liquid sears his face. What am I doing hiding behind a tree while it mauls Henry? I run up and punch it, not expecting to damage it but hoping to distract it from its attack. A rock whistles past my head, thrown by Tobias. Jonah is trying to shoot its tendrils.

It hurts Henry again. Henry falls to the ground, unconscious and it turns to me. Suddenly it stops. I don’t know how or why, but Otto has found a way to control it. It slinks towards him, submissive. I rund to Henry to tend his wounds which look painful but not life-threatening.

How did Otto call it off? And why does he seem wide-eyed and confused, more so than us others? Something strange is going on here.


This is great. : )
I have to say, I’m curious if your Keeper had to prep everyone who wasn’t Otto so they could remember the events leading up to the first visit to the pool right before the massacre when Otto went back in time. In the story it works wonderfully, I just wonder how it was executed in game that Otto was still crazy but everyone else had very different memories at the start of the session.

Day 5: The Star Pools

No I didn’t need to prep anyone, extending and adapting the story still worked very well, without any of the players figuring Out that on,y one of them was alive until the last moment. It did take a bit of confusing role playing towards the end when Otto had both the characters back and also the voices of those same characters in his head.

Day 5: The Star Pools

Heh! I can imagine. Did they all just try to play themselves and the voice version of themselves as well, or did you take over the voices when they had their actual selves back to play?

Day 5: The Star Pools

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