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Baron La Croix
(aka Baron Saturday, Baron Samedi)

Haitian voodoo spirit (Loa) of death

Fete Gede
Held on 1/2 November, this is a voodoo festival of the dead. Local Haitians decorated Port au Prince with crucifixes, flowers and dead chickens in preparation.

The Floating Horror
Worshipped as a loa by the cult, this is actually one of the faces of Nyrathlotep with whom Henry and Otto have had previous dealings.

The Lurker
Guardian of the Star Pools. Cannot be defeated by the hand of man. Can be controlled to some extent by the wielder of the Sharp Stone and King Kaliko
The lurker

The Star Pools
In a very large clearing surrounded by trees there are six large oval pools surrounding what looks to be an altar. Around the pools stand 10 stone monoliths. The water is green and cloudy in the centre, but appears quite deep. On one side are three huts.

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