Journal of Dr Bruce Northeast

Journal of Dr Bruce Northeast, last entry Mon 27 October 1926


Hidden under clothes in Dr Bruce Northeast’s trashed house, this journal was found by Tobias on Friday 31st October 1926. The last entry, on Monday 27th October, indicates we had previously met with Dr Northeast (Sunday 26th October) prior to his brutal murder, and discussed at length matters relating to jack Sterling’s disappearance and disturbing happenings at the Star Pools.

The last entry (Mon 27 Oct 1926) reads:

After meeting with Tobias Black and his team of investigators, I was surprised at how much of what they told me related to what I had believed, until last night, to be myths. The Star Pools they say are real, and that Mr Sterling has been kidnapped and taken there, to be a victim of a ritual of blood sacrifice. At first I did not believe them, and said as much, but now that I have witnessed the Star Pools for myself, I cannot even begin to imagine what else of the Floating Horror Cult prophecies are true, and what the ultimate fate of this island nation will be if they succeed in their plans.

The Star Pools, located in a hidden valley in the east of Port-au-Prince, defy rational explanation. I saw Jack Sterling there. I dare not commit to paper what they had done to him, lest my mind fails me as I remember too clearly in my prose, and I lose my mind altogether. What I will say is that I recognised his undoing, because I can now see they match too closely the descriptions of beings described so clearly in The Masked Messenger, especially the tale of ‘The Ashanti Warrior and the Sharp Stone’.

They have plans for Jack Sterling, this I know. It is tied to the ceremonies of the Fete Gede, which begin on the first of next month and conclude in the following day. Will the real followers of the Floating Horror Cult reveal themselves, and lead Jack Sterling into the hills, where he will be sacrificed as his friend predicted? Can he still be saved? One can only hope.

Probably not, because I saw what lurked in the green waters of the Star Pools. It was that shape, which banished my courage and sent me fleeing, screaming, into the night.


Journal of Dr Bruce Northeast

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