Tobias Black

British surrealist artist


Tobias Black is a well-spoken young Englishman, tall, thin and angular with long blonde hair, sharp features and piercing eyes, but with a quick grin that frequently breaks the intensity of that. He has a habit of staring at people and everyday objects, as if trying to see something hidden or trying to commit them to memory.


Tobias comes from a wealthy London family, and is a painter who attended the Royal College of Art. While there he was caught up in the recent Surrealist movement, and after graduation moved to Paris for a while to be closer to the pioneers such as André Breton, although in practice he ended up just moving in wannabe circles while succumbing to extreme binges of drink and drugs, particularly Absinthe, which he thinks fuels his most creative elements.

His art mixes death and horror with beauty and strange landscapes, and he’s always looking for more inspiration. He’s still not very refined about it, his art tends to try to shock too much. Still young enough to consider himself mostly invincible and rich enough not to hurry about finding a real job, he can be quite erratic and prone to distractions, favouring experimentation and new experiences above safety.

Tobias Black

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