Rupert W Hayes

Enthusiastic young journalist, compulsive writer, university champion boxer.


Brown hair with long fringe which gets in his eyes. Brown tweed jacket with slightly frayed cuffs, thin grey shirt, bottle green tie, brown trousers and scruffy looking shoes. Almost always found reading terrible fiction, obscure books or writing in his notebook / sucking the end of a pencil deep in thought. Bright blue eyes and easy charming smile. Quite tall with well built body.

Key skills: Boxing, English (writing), natural charm, research.


23 year old budding journalist searching for his first major break in the media industry.
Born 15 November 1902 in a small Vermont town called Peacham where he spent his childhood. During his childhood and his teenage years his father was often away with the army, including during the Great War, and he therefore grew up in the sleepy little town with only his mother, sister and friends.

Mother: Marjory Hayes – runs a local grocery store in Peacham
Father: Colonel Winfred Hayes, United States Army on extended deployment to Tientsin, China (Rupert’s second name is Winfred after his father)
Sister: Barbara Smith – married to local butcher in Peacham

Peacham is a sleepy agricultural town where nothing much happens. Ever since he could remember, Rupert has been fascinated by the unexplained, supernatural and the fantastical. His academic record is average, could have been better, but he spend much time fantasising or investigating non-existent happenings, except in English in which he excelled.

Before going to university he enlisted in the army for a year, but this was during a period where the army was demobilising and nothing much happened – he certainly did not gain much ‘active’ service experience. But after a year he decided it was not a career he wanted and despite his father’s disapproval he enrolled at the University of Vermont to study English and journalism. During his time there he became involved in boxing and was actually university champion in 1924.

On leaving university he obtained his first job with the local newspaper in Peacham, but quickly grew bored of writing stories about missing cattle and local marriages. He saved up enough money for a bus ticket to Boston where he believes he can follow his dream to be a paranormal journalist. He recently arrived in Boston with little money and a reference from the backwater paper’s editor, seeking his next challenge.

Rupert W Hayes

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