The Haitian Affair

Day 2: A Tarot reading

Day 2: 31 October 1926 A bakery, Rue Macajoux, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

I will detail the card and interpretation in the order given by Marie Jerome. I have paraphrased her words as plainly as possible.

  • XIII Death – The first card represents the Past, where I have come from, what I have learned/experienced. It represents a lack of hope, coming from an impasse, lost minds, not knowing what to do. Something important has been lost, but I have learned how to cope with it. The past is the key to success. I can use it to reclaim the past.
  • XV The Devil – The second card represents the Present, physically and the state of mind. This card appearing is apparently a good sign as it means I am gaining clarity and insight. My intellect wants to dominate my intuition and feelings. This intellect gives me power (the energy of many people). If I let intuition and feelings get stronger this trusted power may be lost.
  • XII The Hanged Man – The third card represents the Future, where I will find myself. I will need to make an important decision with profound consequences. I must beware selfishness and egotism, avoid false prophets and let go of fears. I will be required to make some sacrifice of self for the greater good. I am seeking someone. I may have to give up this search or let him go to succeed.
  • IX of Swords – The fourth card represents the Obstacle. To overcome the obstacle I will suffer loss and treachery. I will deceive myself somehow.
  • X of Swords – The final card represents the Outcome. If I overcome the obstacle I will receive this outcome. It will involve pain and anguish, a low point, but the worst has passed. I can accomplish great good.

It was unclear whether this reading was for the group or myself as an individual, however Marie Jerome refused to do another reading. We left to find Doctor Bruce Northeast.



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