The Haitian Affair

Day 1: Bleeding passports and blank faces

Day 1: 30 October 1926 Hotel Olafsson, Port-au-Prince Haiti

After the discoveries of the day, we had much to consider. The evening was drawing on and we still had many questions. Before retiring for the night, Tobias and Henry decided to take some air (Jonah still being, presumably, at a bar); Tobias in particular to determine whether we were still being followed. Otto and I decided to do further investigation at the Hotel.

Otto examined the pistols from the safety deposit box. I wanted to determine whether they had been fired before – i.e. were they new (and perhaps evidence of a weapons shipment) or used. With his expert knowledge of handguns, he determined that they were in fact very new. He went downstairs to try to get more information out of Nathaniel. I do not believe he was very successful. I tried in vain to use my hospital charts to predict when our next period of unconsciousness might occur. I had not finished my assessment before falling asleep or into unconsciousness because suddenly it was morning and I was lying in bed, not sitting at the desk as I remembered. Unfortunately, I could find no discernable pattern to the bouts of unconsciousness so there must be some other reason for them to occur.

Day 2: 31 October 1926 Hotel Olafsson, Port-au-Prince Haiti

Jonah woke us and called us together. Something had apparently happened to him last night (to Tobias too) when out and he needed to discuss it. After leaving the bar, he went for a walk, in a different direction to Tobias, it seems. Both experienced disturbing hallucinations, visions or otherworldly experiences which I shall describe here as related to us.

Jonah’s experiences

Firstly, Jonah explained that he had left the hotel abruptly the previous evening after having investigated Tobias’ bathroom. He says that he opened the vanity cupboard, checked inside and when he closed the door, a tarot card was wedged in the mirror, which was previously just a normal mirror. That had unnerved him slightly. He showed us the card. It was number XIII Death. Disquieting.

Jonah left the bar after a couple of drinks to settle his nerves. Not long after he had started walking he noticed a group of 5 Haitians behind him. His surroundings were suddenly different and the hotel was not in the direction it should have been. He noticed blood on his clothing and found that his passport was bleeding. Yes, Reader, you did read that correctly, there was blood pouring from his passport. He also passed a window and on looking into it he had no reflection other than a dark silhouette. He heard dogs barking. Then he fell unconscious and woke up the next morning in bed.

Tobias’ experience

Tobias saw the military car opposite the hotel, but it was empty. On his walk he had a similar experience, except that when he looked in a shop window, the reflection was of a group of 5 Haitians who were not actually there. He said the street also changed when he turned a corner. He noticed blood on his trousers and found that his passport was bleeding too, except when he examined his photograph it was just a dark silhouette. He also recalled the barking of dogs. Then he fell unconscious and woke up the next morning in bed.

There was no physical evidence of their excursions, no blood in their passports or on their clothes.

At these revelations we obviously had some discussion over the cause. Henry, Otto and I had also become unconscious at presumably the same time. Though Henry was on the porch and thus outside the hotel, he had not had any visions, neither had Otto nor I. Drugs, hypnosis, voodoo and magic are all possibilities. We needed verification of what had happened.

Otto went down to reception to talk to Nathaniel, who had left for the day. The new receptionist, Joseph, reluctantly agreed to contact Nathaniel for Otto to ask some urgent questions. Otto had been conversing with Nathaniel when he lost consciousness. Nathaniel, however, stated that all he remembered was having a discussion with Otto, then Otto returning to his room of his own accord, not Otto collapsing. When interrogated some more, Nathaniel could not confirm Tobias, Henry and Jonah returning to the hotel, though there is a side door. Perhaps while our conscious minds slept our bodies continued to act normally without our control or knowledge. This is a rather disturbing thought.

We determined that we should find a witchdoctor to explain these mystical goings on. On the list of names from the safety deposit box was the name of a tarot reader, which would be a good place to start. We set out for Rue Macajoux to find Marie Jerome.

Day 2: 31 October 1926 A bakery, Rue Macajoux, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

We parked in Rue Macajoux. Jonah spotted the military car parked opposite us and got out to talk to the men inside. They would not admit to following us, and did not confirm seeing Jonah leave the hotel. They admitted they may not have been in the car all evening, however. Jonah asked them pointedly to keep better notes of our movements (selfishly to ensure we could track what we were actually doing), but they did not seem impressed with the request.

I purchased a newspaper, but there was no further news of the missing foreigners. Henry was becoming concerned over his lapses into unconsciousness and has started making his mark in various ways (to trace his steps later). I have done so, but am not convinced it will work.

At the back of a bakery we met Marie Jerome, the tarot reader. Her room was full of parrots and candles, with a large pentagram inscribed on her desk. The woman herself is a young and well-proportioned native. She recognised us – we had been here a few days ago apparently, asking about voodoo. She referred us to a Doctor Bruce Northeast (another name on that list) who is writing a paper on voodoo practices. Jonah showed her his death card and she was obviously shocked. It is not one from a traditional deck and clearly disturbed her, giving her ‘bad feelings’. She asked us if we wanted a reading done, we had refused previously. I agreed to have a reading done. It should hopefully shed light into my missing memories.



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